Why Stories are us?
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Sample Audios

  • Animals - Wolves (Brit)
    Did you know that Wolves have more or less disappeared, but there is a particular region where they still prowl. Where? When are they typically born? How do they hunt? In a pack or alone?
  • Fables - Tit for Tat(Brit)
    There was a great famine in the land, but Kweku Tsin Anansi's son found a place in the forest where he could still find animals. Anansi followed him. Anansi was very greedy and as a result he faced many trials. What did he do?
  • Historical – King Alfred and the Cakes (Brit)
    King Alfred was the King of England. A wise and good King. After a battle his army was scattered. Alfred sought refuge. Tired and hungry he came to the hut of a woodcutter. The deal was he would get some food if he looks after her cakes. Was he able to do that simple task?

About Us


All packages include 15 audios downloaded every month (every other day). Some stories are read in an African, British and Caribbean accent.

Stories Are Us is a welcome outlet which affords parents the opportunity to sit down, lie down or simply just cuddle up together with their loved ones at the end of a possibly hectic day and de-stress from the days activities. With so many stories to choose from in either an African accent, a British accent or a Caribbean accent, why not give yourself a break............. kick off your shoes, gather the young one(s) together, sit back, relax and press PLAY.  

Most children have entered into formal education by the age of five. They will consolidate on skills previously learnt. Also, their knowledge base broadens and they become ever more inquisitive and curious.
As parents/adults who can forget all the 'why's? and 'but why daddy'?, 'why mummy'? young children are fond of asking?
Stories Are Us provides a platform for kids from the ages of five upwards to broaden their imagination and creativity. The stories are read in a light hearted, sometimes humorous, yet soothing tone.
In addition to listening to the audio stories, there are questions at the end of each story for children of the relevant age to answer. I dare say perhaps some adults listening 'may' have to dig into that grey matter!
Stories Are Us provides families the opportunity to unwind from the hustle and bustle of rushing to and fro, and just chill!


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